The Lido by Libby Page


Publisher: Orion.
Published: March 2018.

Wow! This was a truly inspiring story and a genuine joy to read. It follows the two stories of Kate and Rosemary, whose lives interconnect when the Brixton lido is threatened with closure. Rosemary has been swimming at the lido for over eighty years, and Kate at a young age of 26, starts her job at a local newspaper. The two develop a friendship upon first realising that the lido is set to close, and start about a way to save it. The campaign to save the lido is written alongside Rosemary’s personal memories of her late husband George, who shared her passion for outdoor swimming. The characterisation is very strong as a result, with Rosemary being one of the best examples. It was also lovely to see in Kate’s character, a thoughtfully written account of a person’s struggle with anxiety, and the different ways in which she attempts to overcome the ‘Panic’ in her body, which is certainly something that is topical. A warning, aspects may be triggering for some readers.

Nevertheless, this should not distract from the fact that The Lido is also exceptional in its ability to illustrate the differences between young and old, but how a group of people starting as strangers, can come together and stand up for what they believe in. I’ve realised since finishing this that the films rights have been sold to Catalyst Global Media- I very much look forward to seeing this!


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